When You are Discharged

Your doctor will inform you ahead of time when you will be ready for discharge, so that you and the staff at Neuro Spinal Hospital have ample time to complete all formalities before check-out. It is highly recommended that you make arrangements with a family member or a friend to accompany you home or on your travels that day.

Check-out Times

The hospital check-out times are shown below.

  • Inpatient/Rehabilitation wards: 12:00 with a grace period of 2 hours. Patient will be charged for an additional day of hospital stay after 14:00.
  • Outpatient: 16:00 with a grace period of 1 hour.  Patient will be charged for a full day of hospital stay after 17:00

The “grace period” is provided to give you the chance to complete all discharge formalities.

Financial Requirements at Discharge

Below is a summary of financial matters that apply to your discharge. If your concerns are not addressed here or if you need further clarification, please do not hesitate to contact the Admissions Office.

Closing Account and Bill Settlement

When it is time for your discharge, the kitchen and the finance department will close your accounts and issue a detailed bill. You will be asked to pay all outstanding balances before you leave.

If you are covered by insurance or a third party, you pay only for services which are not covered (such as extra food and beverages or telephone calls outside Dubai). You will also be asked to sign the bill or insurance claim form as appropriate.


Payment can be made in cash, credit card, or by company cheque. Personal cheques are not accepted. The hospital accepts the following currencies:
– GCC currencies
– US dollars
– Euro

The prevailing exchange rate at the time of payment will be used for foreign currencies.

Your Recovery At Home

Your recovery will continue even after you leave the Neuro Spinal Hospital. Here are some important things to optimize your recovery.

Patient Instruction Form

A Patient Instruction Form will be provided to you with the information you will need for your care and recovery after discharge. Your nurse will complete the Patient Instruction Form and go over it with you. You will find useful information about dietary restrictions, wound care and dressing changes, discharge medications, and pain management on this form. The nurse will answer any questions you may have about these instructions.

Rehabilitation Exercises / Home Needs

Many patients will be asked to take certain precautions at home in order to avoid pain or injury. Your physician may ask you to observe certain restrictions in your lifestyle, at least in the first few weeks following surgery.

Some patients will have a rehabilitation plan (exercises) or other care plans to be carried out at home. Your physiotherapist and nurse will discuss such plans with you along with any special home equipment you might need.

Discharge Medication

Before you leave, any required medication will be dispensed to you at your bedside. Your nurse will instruct you on which medications to take. You will also receive written instructions about these medications to bring home with you.

Follow-up Appointment

A follow-up appointment with your physician may be arranged for you before you leave Neuro Spinal Hospital. It is very important that you keep this appointment. It allows the physician to check on your progress and make sure your healing is progressing properly.


At discharge, you may obtain a Discharge Summary and a Sick Leave Certificate. If you leave Neuro Spinal Hospital against medical advice, you will be required to sign paperwork to that effect.

Discharge Summary / Sick Leave Certificate

A Discharge Summary will be prepared by your doctor. In it, you will find your medical information (diagnosis and treatment) reported from the time of admission until the time of discharge. You have the right to request this report if it is not given to you.

If you need a sick leave or hospitalisation certificate for work or school, please request it and it will be issued at discharge.

Leaving Against Medical Advice (LAMA)

If you are leaving the hospital against the doctor’s advice, you will be asked to sign a Leaving Against Medical Advice (LAMA) form. This form confirms that you are fully responsible for yourself and that the hospital will not be liable for any consequences of your leaving.


The Neuro Spinal Hospital recognises that visiting the hospital for treatment can be a stressful time. We aim to make it as easy, convenient, and clear to you as possible in terms of what you need to do for a speedy discharge and optimal at-home recovery. Our Admissions Office is eager and pleased to answer your questions or to assist you during these steps.