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Committed to bringing the latest in neurosciences and staying responsive to the needs of the community, we will soon launch our dream project with a new 100-bedded facility that will bring to the region much needed specialties such as Radiosurgery.

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Arab Spine Course Diplomas

Arab Spine Course Diploma is a course focusing on establishing education standards, both for coming spine specialists and as part of continuous medical education that utilizes education, research and advocacy to foster the highest quality of treatment and prevention based spine care.
The practices of spine surgery represent an average of 60% in the activity of a general neurosurgeon. More and more neurosurgeons and orthopedists are choosing spine surgery as their main practice and they are representing themselves either as spine surgeons, neuro-spine surgeons or orthopedic spine surgeon. Very few surgeons receive a combined training and education covering both the orthopedic and the neurosurgical aspects of spine surgery.
In the last 2 decades, we witnessed fast and wide improvement in technology and techniques related to spine surgery involving surgical approaches, minimally invasive techniques with a huge variety of different spinal implants, the use of spinal navigation and IOM (Intra-Operative Monitoring) in spine surgery.
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