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Can Green Spaces Promote Health and Healing?

Traditional wisdom has long held that exposure to the natural environment is beneficial for our health, but is this claim backed up by scientific evidence?

Can green, natural spaces really make a difference to our health?

Can green spaces help people in hospitals recover faster?

These days, many of us live in cities that are more concrete jungle than scenic countryside. In Dubai, the dry desert climate requires great efforts to develop and maintain green spaces for the benefit of residents. 

When we do spend time in nature, whether it be our local park or further afield, we sense that it soothes the stress of everyday life. 

Why is this and how can this help people who are undergoing medical treatment?

The Scientific Evidence

A review of scientific studies found that time spent in green spaces or natural landscapes is associated with three main kinds of health benefits; short-term recovery from stress or fatigue, faster physical recovery from illness and long-term overall improvement in health and well-being. 

Researchers think that these benefits may be due to reduced exposure to air and noise pollution and reduced stress levels which may help to boost the immune system. Walking or exercising outdoors also has benefits for both physical and mental health.

As humans, we are innately predisposed to finding natural environments relaxing. Man-made structures and machines, along with the heat, noises and smells they present us with, can be a source of daily stress.

The benefits of green spaces in hospitals

The hospital environment can be stressful, especially when a patient is anxious, feeling unwell or is required to stay as an inpatient.

Can the benefits of nature and green spaces be used by hospitals?

In 1984, a landmark study by Roger Ulrich was the first to demonstrate the benefits of nature in a hospital setting. It found that patients recovering from surgery whose windows looked out onto leafy trees healed, on average, a day faster and had less pain and fewer complications than patients whose windows faced a brick wall, when other factors were controlled for.

The Neuro Spinal Hospital in Dubai has incorporated the healing power of nature into the design of its new building.

Situated in Dubai Science Park, Neuro Spinal Hospital is a world-class, state of the art specialist facility.  

Within the hospital, inner courtyard gardens filled with greenery and trees provide space for patients and careers to relax and enjoy nature. Patients can also enjoy these green, natural spaces from their windows while they recover.

Come and experience for yourself the benefits of green spaces in reducing stress and promoting recovery.

If you have questions or concerns about your health, contact our team of Specialists at Neuro Spinal Hospital Dubai

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