Dr. Debora Garozzo

Dr. Debora Garozzo

Consultant Peripheral Nerve Surgeon


Peripheral Nerve Surgery

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Over 25 Years

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Meet Dr. Debora Garozzo

Dr. Debora is a European Board Certified Neurosurgeon with over 25 years of experience specifically focused on Peripheral Nerve Surgery. Committed to staying up to date with advancements in her field of practice, she has trained in state of the art centres around the world including Germany, Spain, China, Mexico, and Brazil among others. She is the organiser and a lecturer of many international events on peripheral nerve surgery, and heads national committees in addition to the post she occupies as Vice President of the Peripheral Nerve Surgery Committee at the World Federation of Neurosurgery (WFNS) and Vice president of the Emirates Society of Neurological Surgeons.

Qualifications & Career Highlights

  • Italian Board of neurosurgery.
  • Founder and Head of Scientific Secretary of  “SEM (Sino-European meetings) on brachial plexus surgery” in collaboration with Hua Shan  Hospital, Shanghai in China  from 2008 till 2014.
  • President of  the Peripheral Nerve Surgery Committee of SINCH (Italian Society of Neurosurgery) from 2010 until  2014.
  • Vice president of the Committee for Peripheral Nerve Surgery of WFNS  (World Federation of Neurosurgery) from 2014 until  present.
  • Vice president of the Emirates Society of Neurological Surgeons from 2018 until present.
  • Course Co-Director of the Peripheral Nerve and Brachial Plexus Surgery On-line Course sponsored by WFNS (World Federation of Neurosurgery) and AAN (Argentinian Association of Neurosurgery) in 2015.

Areas of Excellence

  • Microreconstructive surgery in Brachial plexus and  Lumbosacral plexus injuries.
  • Nerve repair in upper and lower limbs.
  • Nerve entrapments   (e.g.  carpal tunnel syndrome, ulnar nerve entrapment at the elbow, thoracic outlet syndrome,  meralgia paresthetica, piriformis syndrome, common peroneal nerve entrapment at the fibular head).
  • Benign and malignant peripheral nerve tumors,  especially in patients affected by Neurofibromatosis.

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