Case Manager – RCM

Job Summary:

A Case Manager will work with hospital staff to coordinate the care a patient receives, especially in long-term cases. Case Manager will be central to utilization review, the practice of assessing resources, evaluating healthcare treatments and negotiating the most cost effective options available. Adhering to ethical and legal standards, Case Managers make decisions that affect the care a patient receives.

Case Manager is involved in coordinating care for patients, particularly when they are in the hospital for a prolonged period of time. They serve as an intermediary between patients, physicians, health care institutions and insurance companies.

Case manager will be responsible to review all inpatient cases from the pre-admission time until the discharge of the patient ensuring proper documentation is maintained all the time, physicians orders are placed correctly and ensure that all necessary approvals are obtained before rendering the services.

Case Manager will be responsible to provide daily, weekly and monthly reports related to Inpatient admissions, patients average length of stay, report physician performances for Inpatient cases and ensure that proper coding is taking place during the patient admissions.


Required Bachelor degree in medicine (MBBS)

Preferred Certified Medical Coder by AAPC or AHIMA