Health Care Assistant – Spine Surgery

Job Summary:

  • Assist in ensuring the patient’s safety during admission, discharge and transfer.
  • Assist registered nurse for vital signs or any nursing care providing to the patient.
  • Provide assistance with such tasks as:
    • Toileting assistance, bowel and bladder care for post-op patient
    • Positioning patients prior to surgery for stable / non sedated patient
    • Helping patients walk
    • Helping wheelchair- bound patients using safe patient handling devices
    • Observing, reporting all changes to the nurse
  • Support the registered nurse in implementing of an agreed plan of care with the patient and in accordance with instructions and training received.
  • Moves various patient care equipment’s from one area to another as assigned by the nurse.
  • Picks up non-controlled pharmacy medications for the wards as requested.
  • Picks up urgent medical records, x-rays folders and/or return them to appropriate departments when assigned.
  • Delivers specimens to the laboratory. Assists nurse and ward clerks to various duties as photocopy, answering phone calls, etc.
  • Coordinate in the delivery and distribution of linen in the unit.
  • Assist in the maintenance of ward cleanliness and tidiness and adhere to infection control policy and procedures all the times. Cleaning the departmental medical equipment daily or between cases.


  • Certificate of Nursing Associate or equivalent -Caregiver Course


  • Computer skills is an advantage – MS Office, Email
  • Evidence of continuing professional development


  • Well organized
  • Accurate and attentive to detail
  • Dynamic and energetic personality
  • Proficient in spoken and written English language
  • Confident communication skills
  • Positive Customer Service attitude