Wellness Program STRONG

Wellness Program STRONG

NSH lost 45 kg and took 5,685,874 steps over 12 weeks as a part of its #wellness program STRONG.

Congratulations Liudmyla

our most active and perseverant member of the group, who lost 12.5 Kgs!


STRONG is a wellness program committed to provide staff with the opportunity to have access to an individualized weight management program and nutritional guidance, through group lectures and weight management sessions completely free of charge. Neuro Spinal Hospital has designed the wellness program to give the chance to its staff to lead a healthier life, with one another’s support.


Program Overview :

  • Participants were given a new Fitbit at the start of the program to track their activity and eating habits and create a healthy competitive environment.
  • The program ran for a period of 12 weeks
  • Every two weeks, the participants gathered with the Dietitian Nove Abou Esper and HR manager Ms. Beverly Frean, for an educational session, weighing in , support and follow up. During the sessions they learned about macronutrients, stages of weight loss, how to build their own diets, read food labels, and build good habits not underestimating the importance of activity.
  • During the last meeting , participants celebrated their achievements with the Chief Operating officer, head of the departments and colleagues. The first three winners received prizes including getaways in prestigious Dubai resorts and gift vouchers.
  • While the program continues and level 1 is now open to new participants, Ms. Dana Msaddi announced that NSH will continue to support those aiming to achieve more ambitious fitness goals and launched a level 2 of STRONG.
  • This program is the first in a series of planned wellness initiatives we at NSH are currently designing, all keeping in mind that the wellbeing of our employees is always a priority. The best appreciation we can give them is to show them that while they care for our patients, NSH cares for them.