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Committed to bringing the latest in neurosciences and staying responsive to the needs of the community, we will soon launch our dream project with a new 100-bedded facility that will bring to the region much needed specialties such as Radiosurgery.

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Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation

Everyone enjoys having an active life and looking for a healthy lifestyle.

Throughout physiotherapy, our team will help you improve and maintain your health by providing a thorough assessment, applying current and research-based protocols and customize treatment to assist you in managing the pain and restore movement and function after injuries, in disabilities and illnesses and providing and ongoing education and prevention for you and family members.

A key to a fast and with long lasting benefits consist in a good communication between our patients, physiotherapists and physicians to ensure the appropriate progress and recovery.

Let us know your story as WE KEEP YOU MOVING!

Consist in using electricity to promote functionality by reducing pain, improve circulation, repair tissues, promote bone growth and improve muscle function.
As a core element of physiotherapy is a therapeutic treatment based on application of exercise principles adapted to restore normal function, enhance mobility, strength and endurance targeting functional limitations or prevent impairments and maintain well-being.
Uses a methodical and organized manual or mechanical movements to mobilize soft tissues and joints for profilactic, curative and therapeutic purposes.
Application of water for the treatment and pain relief of physical or physiological dysfunction. It works by using the specific properties of water (buoyancy, increased resistance and hydrostatic pressure) to aid in rehabilitation by implementing customized exercise program.
Consist of local or general application of heat/cold to influence the temperature of targeted region having the purpose to induce biological responses (reduce inflammation, pain relief and reducing of muscle spasm and stiffness)
By using a well directed assessment, planning and intervention methods, OT helps with developing, recovering or maintaining ones functional status within his/her meaningful activities and/or occupations.
Treating speech and communication disorders throughout specific exercise programs to strengthen the muscles used in speech, drills to help with clarity, also imitating sounds to help with articulation.

By verbal instruction one on one or together with the family and by demonstration using videos, photos and targeted activity that aims to teach patient and family members about proper body postures and mechanics .

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Our Physiotherapist

Kristina Karanfilovska

Head of Rehabilitation Department


Binil Pillai

Senior Physiotherapist

In-patient Supervisor

Anita Bhatia

Occupational Therapist

Miraline Castillo


Biljana Damljanovic


Branka Majstorovic


Mariam Daulat


Ma. Julie Joy Santos


Bisan Al Gherbawi


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