Robotic Cancer Treatment

About Robotic Cancer Treatment – Robotic Cancer Surgery

Robotic cancer treatment or as it’s called the Da Vinci surgical system (also known as the CyberKnife at the Neuro Spinal Hospital) is a surgical treatment used for some types of cancer, and it helps to get rid of tumors located in locations hard to reach by the doctors and surgeons operating. Not only does it help in making it easier on the doctor, but it makes the operation time shorter, and it can have fewer side effects on the patient and quicker post-surgery recovery. Robotic cancer treatment is preferred when the traditional surgeries don’t have the same profound and acute results as when done with the help of robotic technologies.

Contrary to what some people might think, robotic cancer treatment surgery is not completely done by robots. It’s a robotic technology used and controlled by the surgeons for delicate tumor removal; it is a laparoscopic one, meaning that the laparoscope sends images to the surgeons of sensitive places that can’t be seen by the surgeon hence more precision.

Hospitals and robotic cancer treatment surgery

Not many hospitals are adopting this developed system, but Neuro Spinal Hospital in Dubai is one of the hospitals that has been using the latest technology to provide its patients with the ultimate and most professional treatments and surgeries. By staying up to date with the latest innovations and including them in the hospital, NSH isn’t only making it easier on the doctors and surgeons but on the patients as well since it helps in the treatment and the recovery period. Going back to robotic cancer treatment many surgeons have been using minimal robotic surgery to treat liver cancer, prostate cancer, head and neck cancer, stomach, thyroid cancer, and pancreatic cancer. It has been proved to be very effective, efficient, and beneficial especially in cancer treatment, but how?

Benefits of robotic surgery on patients

As part of the awareness and knowledge needed to proceed with this type of treatment and surgery, the patient needs to know in a detailed explanation what the benefits are for the robotic cancer treatment.

Some of the benefits of robotics cancer treatment surgery for the patient include:
– Reduced pain and fewer side effects post-surgery
– Quick recovery
– A shorter surgery times
– Less blood loss
– Smaller incisions are being performed hence, fewer scars left

It is important to note that fewer side effects connote no side effects at all, as patients will experience a loss of appetite, some fatigue, pain, a possible infection, and others. But it all depends on the patient and its body as it may differ from one to another. The robotic cancer treatment is highly advised for your good and health and can be done at NSH and is known as the CyberKnife technique. Get in touch with our doctors, for more information about it.

Neuro Spinal Hospital aims to be the leading hospital specialized in neuroscience, orthopedics, and spine treatments while always providing the latest and best solutions to the problem with the help and expertise of its professional doctors and surgeons. By staying up to date with the latest in medicine, NSH was able to position itself aside from the other hospitals in town by being the first to adopt the CyberKnife, the fully robotic radiotherapy technique to destroy tumors. Take care of your health, do regular checkups, and follow-ups to avoid any emergency.

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