Weekly CMEs

The Continuous Medical Education (CME) program was introduced in 2007 and has now become a mandatory requirement for all healthcare professionals.  Practitioners will need provide evidence that they have attended a sufficient number of CME hours if they wish to renew their licenses or are if they are to be promoted to a position of higher responsibility. The required number of accredited hours varies from 20–40 dependent on the profession.

The Neuro Spinal Hospital is committed to furthering the professional development of its staff, as this ensures patients receive the latest and most up-to-date treatment methods. We offer in-house accredited CME sessions every Monday morning, from 8.30 to 9.30.

Below is the list of planned CMEs. Lists are updated every month.

03 April 2017 Dr. Ghita Management Of Spondylo Arthropathies
10 April 2017 Dr. Vittorio Neurasthenia
17 April 2017 Miss Henrietta Lymphatic Drainage
24 April 2017 Dr. Sashi Rao Post Operative Cognitive Disturbance
01 May 2017 Dr. Alaa Imaging Of Post Spinal Surgery Complications
08 May 2017 Arab Spine Arab Spine
15 May 2017 Dr. Deborah Endoneural Cyst Of The Common Peroneal Nerve
22 May 2017 Dr. Sandeep Update In The Endovascular Treatment Of Aneurysms
03 July 2017 Dr. Vittorio “Out Of One`S Mind”
10 July 2017 Dr. Hegazy Disorders Of Consciousness
17 July 2017 Dr. Sarmad Update In Stroke Management
24 July 2017 Dr. Deborah Nerve Injuries, Nerve Repair (Graft Repair And Neurotization) And Muscle Transfers
31 July 2017 Dr. Msaddi Management Of Pain And Spasticity
7 August 2017 Olive Pharmaceutical Aspects On The Management Of Multiple Sclerosis


We ensure our medical personnel attend CME accredited events relevant to their sphere of practice and do much more than ensure they acquire the minimum CME hours in order to practice. Neuro Spinal Hospital is only too aware that knowledge is the bedrock for good medical care and to this end we encourage our staff to attend as many educational and skill practice events as possible.

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