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Committed to bringing the latest in neurosciences and staying responsive to the needs of the community, we will soon launch our dream project with a new 100-bedded facility that will bring to the region much needed specialties such as Radiosurgery.

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Risk Quality Safety

Neuro Spinal Hospital strives to maintain clinical excellence by taking evidence-based approaches to care, placing high importance on continued education for medical professionals, and adopting advanced technologies that help minimize the potential complications of surgeries. To measure our efforts, we have an active program in place for monitoring clinical outcomes.

Clinical outcomes are broadly agreed, measurable changes in health or quality of life that result from our care. Constant review of our clinical outcomes establishes standards against which to continuously improve all aspects of our practice. Below is a list of general clinical key performance indicators we measure and monitor closely to ensure we always match international standards.


Priority 1 Preventing Surgical Adverse events
Priority 2 Preventing unplanned returns to operating rooms within 48 hours
Priority 3 Improving venous thromboembolism (VTE) prevention
Priority 4 Preventing unplanned readmissions to the hospital for the same complaint within 30 days from discharge
Priority 5 Improving Documentation
Priority 6 Reducing medication errors
Priority 7 Preventing and controlling hospital-acquired infections
Priority 8 Preventing hospital falls
Priority 9 Preventing hospital-acquired pressure ulcers
Priority 10 Improving patient experience and satisfaction


We have recently started gathering data for more specific set of measures. These often revolve around pain, mobility and function and are gathered using evidence-based tools that will be benchmarked mostly against UK and USA standards. Below is an example of the top five surgeries at NSH and the tools that will be used to monitor their outcomes. We expect to be ready of data in the first quarter of 2017.

1. Lumbar Spine Decompression & FixationOswestry Score
2. Anterior Cervical Discectomy & FusionNeck Disability Index
3. MicrodiscectomyOswestry / Neck Disability Index
4. Total Knee ReplacementOxford Knee Score
5. Craniotomy & Brain Tumor ExcisionModified Rankin Scale

While all surgeries have a known rate of complication listed in the literature and that our surgeons discuss with every patient, we at the Neuro Spinal Hospital have zero tolerance to preventable adverse events. Every such event is reviewed, and measures are designed to prevent recurrence.

Transparency with our patients is a pillar for building trust. For this reason, we are happy to open the doors to patients willing to find out more details about our outcomes. Patients interested can do so by visiting the Quality, Risk and Safety department by appointment.

Occupational Health and Safety (OHS)
Occupational health and safety is taken seriously by Neuro Spinal Hospital, and it is integral to the organization’s business strategy and core values to create a safe and healthy working environment for all staff, patients, contractors, visitors and the wider community within the hospital. The following initiatives are continuously being reviewed and implemented:

  • A risk assessment framework
  • A hazard and spills management program
  • A register of hazardous materials / chemicals
  • Surveillance and monitoring of workplace safety
  • A dedicated Occupational Health and Safety Program

Neuro Spinal Hospital operates an OHS evidence based performance program, with very tight controls on the source of hazards, quality improvement remedies to reduce or eliminate the risks at source. The basic promise is that every worker deserves to be protected against safety and health risks. The OSH Department is continuously creating safety awareness reiterating that all safety measures must be taken at all times during their course of work.

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