Latest Spine Treatment

Advancements in Spine Surgery – New Back Surgery Technology

You’re probably tired of articles promising the world in terms of medical efficiency, and not delivering the results. Our spine is the actual reason we stand upright every day, when this part of our skeletal structure is not treated in a fast and effective manner, should it need to be, we are most definitely going to suffer the consequences. NSH uses the latest spine treatment so I can say this article is unlike others you’ve read.

NSH deals with spinal issues in the most effective way…. with the latest technology. The world-renowned hospital in Dubai is known for its treatments and athletes from all over the world trust them with their treatment and recovery. The latest spine treatment is administered at the spinal unit, built especially for this area of medicine. What sets NSH apart is their facility yes but their results. Treatment is only efficient and worthy if it lifts the burden of the issue at hand and NSH has made it their mission to get results for their patients fast.

What is the latest spinal treatment?

The latest spinal treatment consists of conservative or percutaneous techniques as well as minimally invasive spine surgery or more radical surgical inventions when needed. All these treatments are administered at the NSH spinal unit and all of them use the latest advanced technology to produce results quickly. Challenging spinal conditions become minor simply because of the latest spinal treatments that highly skilled doctors prefer to use on their patients. A first of its kind, something out of a movie almost, the world hasn’t seen such remarkable results or tools to combat spinal issues, NSH is bringing it to your doorstep. A first in Dubai.

How does NSH apply the latest spinal treatment?

You might be skeptical, wondering what’s so great about this treatment. NSH spinal suite is optimized with state of art equipment and conditions so surgeons are always performing these delicate procedures in the most optimal environment. The latest spinal treatment includes advanced intraoperative monitoring systems. Now, these improve all surgical accuracy. They dramatically reduce the surgical risk that the patient will face in any procedure. Most importantly the latest spine treatment is going to optimize patient safety during the procedure. Quality healthcare and treatment are wonderful but millions of people still die or get unnecessarily injured from procedures gone wrong, quality healthcare includes optimizing the safety of the patient too.

The most appropriate and latest spine treatment is administered according to the condition at hand. There are many options available. The conservative treatment looks at non-surgical treatments. These are medication, pain management techniques, manipulation, acupuncture, bracing or physical therapy.  The latest technology is used for minimally invasive spine surgery as well, a patient which needs this would have the latest benefit of safety. The technology allows the surgeon to access your spine through incisions using a camera or surgical microscopes but during this process, the patient remains safe. This technique promotes quick recovery, blood loss is reduced and there’s a reduced risk of infection. The disruption of the surrounding muscle tissue is minimal as well.

All surgical treatments, if this is the only step that can be taken, are performed in NSHs spinal suite under constant intraoperative monitoring. The surgeons use expert knowledge and this advanced technology system again to keep up to and maintain the highest levels of safety.

NSH spinal suite assists with almost all spinal conditions from minor to major, more challenging conditions. Their experts diagnose and treat efficiently to solve problems fast and get results quickly, recovery then becomes shorter and more bearable.

With the latest spine treatment, Neuro Spinal Hospital in Dubai, UAE is offering it’s a no-brainer that you’re in the knowledge of, but most importantly safe hands.